DIY﹕Ice cream pancake

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【明報專訊】The ice cream pancake is a quick fix when you have a craving for a sweet dessert!


.honey/ maple syrup (楓糖漿) / sugar syrup (糖漿)

.1 egg

.150g premixed pancake powder

.1 scoop of ice cream

.100ml milk

(1) Mix the egg and milk well in a mixing bowl.

(2) Add in the premixed pancake powder and stir well into a smooth, semi-watery mixture.

(3) Preheat a non-stick frying pan. Turn down the heat and pour the pancake mixture into the centre of the frying pan#.

#Quick tip

To make a nice and beautiful round pancake, make sure the pancake mixture is not too thick and pour the mixture from about 10cm above the frying pan with a ladle (湯勺).

(4) Let the pancake mixture heat up slowly on low heat for about three to four minutes.

(5) Flip over and fry the other side for another two to three minutes.

(6) Serve the pancake on a plate. Top it with ice cream and syrup and enjoy the dish!

■Do you know

Pancakes are made from a mixture of powders and flours with various textures. A wrong ratio of flour can ruin the final product. The thick fluffy Japanese pancake (picture) is the recent craze. People are attracted by its pillowy soft texture and fancy style. (photo.8)


texture (n) 質感、口感

ratio (n) 比例

ruin (v) 破壞

pillowy (adj) 柔軟的

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